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Patient Registration Form
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 Our clinic supports English and Chinese. The doctor can speak English. We have Chinese-speaking staff.

 If you are contacted by a hotel or other accommodation staff, please provide your name, age, gender, and a brief description of the injury.

 If you have not Japanese health insurance, the treatment will be Self-pay. The cost is 30 yen per point.

 If you are covered by Japanese health insurance, you will be asked to pay the portion of the cost as a copayment.

We will be able to accept payments using various credit cards.
→Visa、Mastercard, UnionPay, JCB, American Express, Diners Club, Discover, 交通系電子マネー, iD, QUICPay, Apple Pay






From Google Reviews

Tabia Esconde

Location is close to the main street and bus stops.

Heads up, you will need a mask when you enter the clinic.

I came on a Friday afternoon around 16:45 but there was already someone there waiting for the clinic to officially start taking patients at 17:00. On the clinic website, it says first time patients do not need a reservation.

The reception area is small. There are two benches and three stools. There were quite a lot of slippers to put on near the door so it must get crowded at some points.

Receptionists were professional and offered to give me an English form as a new patient. I can’t confirm if the receptionists speak English as I spoke to them in Japanese.

I was actually seen very quickly after 17:00. The doctor was very friendly, kind, and patient. He really put me at ease. He asked if Japanese or English is better to communicate and as others have mentioned, he speaks very good English. He uses a speech to text device to type up the symptoms and your background into your patient file on his computer.

We took some X-rays and he used an ultrasound (?) machine to check my muscles and he explained for the most part my shoulder pain was due to overuse.

The process was very quick and I was out of the clinic by 17:20.

I had a great experience and would definitely come again.

We received flowers from a person who visited Japan from overseas.

Thank you very much for the flowers.
Be careful in your way home.
Please take good care of yourself.

 From Google Reviews

Brenda Ariesty Kusumasari
local guide134reviews 87photo

As a foreigner living in Kyoto who speak limited Japanese, I'm so grateful to find Ikeda Clinic.
I have knee injury since 2006 and because it gets worse, I decided to visit this clinic.
Ikeda Sensei is a great person and his English is very good.
He really took his time to examine my knee, never rush a thing. He did the x-ray and ultrasound by himself. He smiled and told me to relax when I was afraid of the pain.
He explained everything with words that are easy to understand.
My injury is pretty bad but he told me gently so that it didn't scare me. We discussed about the treatment in a way that he didn't force me to choose but yet suggest me to think wisely.
I'm thankful for his professionalism and his kindness.
I need to visit this clinic again for further discussion and I feel at ease since I know Ikeda Sensei will take a good care of my injury. Thank you!